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Sea Kayak - Harstine Island Circumnavigation

Mild weather and favorable currents made for a pleasant full day out. Surprise appearance of sea lion groups in Case Inlet were the highlight along the east side of the island.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Winds: 0-5kt from the south with some gusts to 7-8kt estimated
    Temperature - around 55 degrees
    Some light rain  occasionallyCapture.JPG

Total distance: 20.74 nm
Moving speed: 3.3kt
Launched at 8am
Returned just before 4pm

All arrived on time after a very dark and rainy drive. We were on the water on time at 8am and had a slightly favorable current initially as it was the end of the flood at Graham Point. The wind was very light or non-existent and the rain was also only light. We made good progress down to the first stop just north of Brisco Point.
After a short break, we continued around Brisco Point and enjoyed good current flow through Dana Passage, swinging wide into mid channel before heading back to the shore of Harstine. We took a second short break just short of Wilson Point and then continued on to the east end of McMicken Island for lunch. The wind had come up from the south as predicted as we made our way to McMicken, helping to push us along.
We ate lunch on the north side of the island out of the wind and enjoyed watching the large group of seals that seem to hang out there. After lunch we headed north directly to Dougall Point with some good rides in the following waves. We encountered a couple of pods of sea lions along this section. They were curious and noisy. Rounding the point, we continued on to the mouth of Jarrell Cove where we took our last break. This northern shore of Harstine provided shelter from the wind.
After break, we headed into the north-south portion of Pickering and were very fortunate as the wind died off to only 2-3kt from the south. We arrived back at the launch just before 4pm. Most of the day was either not raining or only lightly raining and the temperature was unseasonably warm.