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Sea Kayak - Fox Island Circumnavigation

Good medium distance paddle.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Please see attached file.

    Trip Report Fox Island Trip

    We left at the crack of dawn, (915am), in sub-zero temperatures, (45F).  We proceeded counter-clockwise from the bridge boat launch.  The tide was coming in and we were facing 8 knot currents against us, (maybe 1 knot), dodging dangerous bridge pilings, (nope).  Mount Rainier was in front of us  and there was some concern of avalanche danger but our fearless leader calmed my fears. 

    After a short bio break we passed a portion of the bank that was collapsing and saw a major mud slide, (maybe a bag of sand worth), and were persued by the rare and carnivorous killer seals, (1 very curious pup).    The winds picked up and we were in 22 knot head winds and 5 foot waves, (calm wind and seas).  We stopped twice more and had one rescue after a capsize, ( I fell out of my boat getting out).  We stopped for a lunch break and even though we were half a mile from the take out I asked the leader for a tow due to fatigue, ( I actually needed a nap after eating too much for lunch). 

    My wife and I were eating dinner and I showed her my original trip report.  She casually asked where the insurance documents were kept…The comments in parenthesis were added after that conversation.