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Sea Kayak - Fox Island Circumnavigation

Launched from Titlow at 0930 to circumnavigate Fox Island and returned at 1600. A wonderful paddle on a cold winter day!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

We launched from Titlow at 0930 in to shifting fog.  We could hear what sounded like fog horns coming from the Narrows bridge(s) but weren't sure if that was the actual source.  Seas were calm for the uneventful crossing  and the fog started to lift by the time we reached Point Fosdick. We decided to head over to Fox Island to check out the "lighthouse" on Tanglewood Island (didn't realize it was an island) where we say some sea lions. We reached the sand spit at 1115 and decided it was too early for lunch so kept paddling after a short break. We stopped around 1245 for lunch just past the lab controlled by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.  It was nice to be in the sun!  The water across to McNeil Island was so calm and we spotted a an amazing jellyfish on the beach waiting for the tide to rise and take it back out to Carr Inlet. On the way to Gibson Point we saw either a juvenile bald eagle or a golden eagle perched on a branch! The tide was quite high rounding Gibson Point at 1445 and we decided not to take a break as there was very little beach to land on.  We left the Fox Island Pier and crossed over to Day Island in light breeze and chop arriving back at Titlow by 1600. Despite the cold temperature it was a lovely day on the water with a great group of paddlers.