Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Eld Inlet

Eld Inlet, It’s quite and wall to walls houses on one shoreline the West Shoreline very few spots to stop for bio breaks it’s also difficult to find a park to launch from. I was able to find Frye County Park which had a sign that said it opened it gate at 9 AM in the morning but on the website it’s posted 8 o’clock the gentleman that open the gate came at 8:40 so I made the mistake of arriving a bit earlier than that there was another spot you could launch but they charge five dollars to put your kayak in and five dollars to pull it out. but it’s down on one of the inlets. I chose Frye Park. It has an incline I didn’t see anywhere else to launch. To paddle the inlet and my goal was to hit high tide that with sufficient water to explore the south end of it. South 101 highway crossing. We were able to make our way all the way to Where the creeks enters it Kevin had to find it. There were also pair of nesting Eagles in a tree.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Frye County Park has really nice heated rest rooms there a ways down a steep incline but it’s worth the effort to get to a place where it’s doable to paddle down to the mud flatss near 101 Hwy.  it’s also very pleasant to stop in at Buzz’s Bar Grill for Lunch! At full flood before slack you’ll only need to drag your kayaks up into the grass.  There was totem pole marking a Indian village location about 2nm north of the Hwy it was posted onto not enter it.  

    I Planned and lead this paddle with the goal of paddling at least 7nm of unrepeated shore line. Which does not include crossing so if your paddle south and you hold to the west shore of the inlet it require about 5 nw before you’ll find a seclude post in order to take a group Bio Break normally I try for no more the 3nm’s come back because of the evergreen college compass we were about to stop at 3nm for a break. All of had opportunity’s to do rolls and practices recuses.