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Sea Kayak - Dash Point Pier to Hylebos Waterway

Trip halted due to weather exceeding capabilities of students.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

About an hour into the trip weather conditions began to exceed the parameters set for the trip, SK III. I had the group of 4 basic students beach their boats at Brown's Point so that we could assess conditions. As we approached Brown's Point the left foot peg on one student's boat popped off the track. During launch at Dash Point, that same foot peg popped off. Rather than continue on, I decided to cancel the trip at that point based on equipment failure and conditions exceeding trip parameters for the majority of the group. One of the students was particularly strong so I decided he and I would return to the launch site, Dash Point. Conditions were well within my capabilities, and his as well. Upon landing he drove his car to Brown's Point and picked up the three paddlers and their boats and returned to Dash Point. Most trips are benign and relatively uneventful. This set of circumstances allowed students and paddlers with low experience levels to face a situation where skills in assessing conditions, making a plan and decisions come into play.