Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Cornet Bay to Skagit Island

Exploratory introductory trip to deception pass and currents.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Excellent parking in cornet bay boat launch parking lot, with high quality restroom facility.  Area can be crowded in salmon season for parking.  

    Launch from small beach just east of restroom building

    Can be nice introductory paddle to deception pass currents, water reading, nearby campable islands.  Or it can be a just paddle around the islands with lower emphasis on the moving water.  Pick a tide cycle that either emphasizes or avoids current depending on what you want to do.

    Note currents and directions in trip planning--several eddys can help or hinder progress but they are pretty obvious.  Narrow section off Ala spit can become rough.

    Kiket island has areas of no landing, and all of it is no harvesting (tribal land)

    This can be between a level II/III to IV/V trip depending on wind and tide conditions.  Picking the right tide cycle is critical to keeping the trip in SK III range.  Even then, it would be prudent to have at least one assistant leader.  Even the relatively mild current does tend to spread the group out.

Started paddle by heading into cornet bay; follow curve of island towards the pass area and note how eddy forms.  Located eddy lines for incoming tide, countercurrent along wall to a couple slack water resting spots.  Can do low speed eddy line entrances and exits, current assist to return back to start.  Or head towards pass for more agressive lines. Note random boils and small whirlpools are likely.  Heading at Strawberry, note that water builds up in mound on west side of strawberry facing the pass; break to right and look for eddy to rest in.  Current then lifts towards hope/skagit islands; avoid Hoypus point eddy line if desired by hugging the shore.

Then ride current towards Kiket.  Can cross the tombolo there (portage low spot in middle) and rest on south beach.  Then on towards skagit island or across to hope island.  Marine trails beach on Skagit not too big unless low tide.  

Bald eagles, lots of other birds, seals...