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Sea Kayak - Copalis River Spit

We launched at ~ 9:45 am with out incidence from Roosevelt Beach into a shore break that was a little larger than predicted by "Magic Seaweed, (from Westport)". Everyone got thru on the first try, we regrouped and paddled south to the offshore rock outside of Copalis Rock. Everyone joined in the Rock Gardening fun! We then paddled south to the outfall of the Copalis river. We made our way over the bar,a entered the calm, slough. After lunch we again rode some waves before heading back North to our cars.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Getting off the hwy and onto Roosevelt beach in our cars was easy and uneventful. Every time I've been here the beach access has easy.

It was an overcast morning, but cleared off to beautiful sunshine my 11:00 to noon. 

Not much wildlife, No marine mammals, very few sea birds.

Participants much have excellent bracing skills and a reliable roll.