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Trip Report    

Sea Kayak Conditioning Series - Mercer Island

Five of us had a conditioning paddle around Mercer Island in rain and then clearing skies.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • There is a large porta-potty on the north end of Seward park.  Your can see it from the water.  SeWard park is much used, starting at 8 when we arrived.

    Enatai beach bathrooms remain open.  beach was empty and a suitable place for a break.

This trip was the first time I launched from Ferdinand Street Boat Launch.   This is a hand carry boat launch near Seward park.  There space for cars to load and unload and then space for about 10 cars to park.  All day parking seemed to be allowed.  No cars parked at 8am but lot full at 3pm on our return.  No bathrooms at the launch.

Easy hand carry to gravel beach.  

There was a south wind of 11-15 it.  We elected to go clockwise so that our pull into the wind would come in the middle of our paddle. 

Easy downwind run to I90 bridge.  Several were relatively new kayakers and got some practice in 1 ft following seas.  Easy paddle across the N end.  Stopped for lunch at Enatai.  

Did some instruction on towing and towed participant to keep group together on up-wind leg.  

Once around the southern end we again had a nice tail wind with gentle surfing on 1ft waves.  

Steady rain in the morning then clearing skies and beautiful light in the afternoon.