Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Columbia River: Longview Area

A beautiful trip on the Columbia River west of Longview taking advantage of tidal flows in both directions. Exploration of the slough between Gull and Crimms Islands was a highlight.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Weather was mostly overcast with some rain squalls and few sunbreaks. Temperature around 70 degrees. Water temperature also around 70 degrees. 

    Tide ebbing until 2pm and then flooding, providing current assist for most of both directions.

    Wind was variable for most of the day, but turned west and came up to 5-10kt in the late afternoon as predicted.Capture.JPG

Launch: Willow Grove Park - west end
Launch time: 9:06am
Return time: 4:00pm
Total Distance: 16.99nm
Moving Pace: 3.1kt
All arrived on time and we launched at 9:06am. We paddled the short distance downstream along the shore to Bob Griffith's house where we stopped briefly to deposit refreshments in his cooler for after the paddle. We then crossed the river to the east tip of Crimms Island and into Bradbury Slough. The weather was overcast but pleasant with little wind. Water temperatures felt quite warm.
Exiting the west end of the slough, we stopped for a break just past Port Westward. After the break we continued downstream along the Oregon shore until we were abreast of the east end of Eureka Bar. Crossing to the island, we made our way along its southern short to the west end where we stopped for lunch.
After lunch we crossed to the Washington shore and headed back upstream for a couple of miles before recrossing the river to Port Westward. From there we paddled to the east end of Gull Island taking another short break on the beach there. We then paddled into the slough between Gull and Crimms Islands and went all the way to its end. This is a very quiet, serene and beautiful area, and was completely sheltered from the westerly wind that had come up as we paddled from Port Westward.
Emerging from the slough, we continued upstream along the north shore of Gull Island and then crossed the river on a long diagonal back to Willow Grove Park. Once we put the boats on the car and got changed, we drove back to Bob's house and had a very pleasant debrief.
We saw quite a few white pelicans in the distance, some egrets and lots of eagles and ospreys.
The tides worked out very well, giving us a current assist for most of the trip in both directions.S0430061.JPG