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Sea Kayak - Central Hood Canal

Central Hood Canal Holly to Seabeck

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • This was a one way trip with a car shuttle, launching from a private beach in Holly.  There is an unofficial public launch option for those who want to organize their own trip. Anderson Cove, about 1/2 mile north of Holly, has good roadside parking by the cove on Old Holly Hill NW. It’s best to launch there at a 7’ or higher tide.  Lower tides are possible, but would entail a longer haul, perhaps 100 yards, to an accessible launch.  Car shuttling is easy.  Just north of Seabeck Marina is a lot of roadside parking space by the water.  It was about a 15 minute drive from Holly each way to drop off our cars here.  

Highlights of this trip included a beach where we stopped for lunch, formerly owned by a Mtneers kayaker whose family has placed the property in a land trust.  It’s in Frenchmans Cove 3.8 nm from Holly:

47°36.099'N  122°55.256'W

 Very scenic views by a creek of the Olympics across the way.  Stavis Bay was very scenic.  In spite of all the private beach signs, I’m always able to land for a break north of the inlet to the bay.  There is a driftwood structure which marks the spot.  We were able to paddle into the lagoon ( 7’ tide or higher recommended).  Impressive views of the Olympics including Constance  the rest of the way, and Mt. Baker to the north.  

This is potentially a great wind paddle.  We didn’t have tailwinds, but the headwinds were mild and only appeared towards the end of the trip.