Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Camano Island

A downwind sailing run from Leque Island to Kiket Island.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

We launched from the kayak launch on the west side of Leque island.  This site is mixed.  There is a large gravel lot and short carry to the water.  But no toilet and the shore is muddy at lower tides.  


With falling tide, we had current with us as we paddled the channel north.  Out of the channel we found 12" of water at Stanwood tide of 4.6ft.  If there is a deep water channel, we didn't find it.

Stopped to re-tie knots on Collin's sail.


In the open, we found a routing.  Conditions were generally 2ft waves and 14kt wind, sometimes more, sometimes less.  We all got multiple good runs on waves with speeds up to 8kt.  Average speed was a bit above 4kt.  


Lunch on the north side of Goat Island where we found a small coral colored beach of broken shells.

The S shore of Kiket island was choked with logs so we paddled to the clear north side.  From here, it is a bit of a walk up to the parking lot on a good dirt/gravel path.  We brought kayak wheels for this and they worked great. 

6 parking places and toilets.