Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Camano Island

Spectacular sunny and calm weather and rising tides made for an amazing and mudflat free day in this often difficult area. Saw plenty of birds and even got to see an ad hoc air show put on by a pilot on a WWII fighter. If there was a result choice for "super successful" this would be it. Photo of our crew by Dan Hale, taken from his viewpoint above Utsalady Bay.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • By planning for high incoming tides we avoided the mudflats and enjoyed a current assist from Maple Grove to English Boom then on to the bridge at Weat Pass. 

12.8 nautical mile paddle around the top of Camano island, from Maple Grove to Cavalero. We started just after 10am and finished at 4:29pm, just 14 minutes later than planned. The weather was fantastic the entire day with sunny skies, calm winds, and mirror flat water all the way. Past English boom we were treated to a fascinating air show performed by the pilot of what looked like a World War II fighter. Many thanks to Doug Garland for assisting today.