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Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Boston Harbor Vicinity

Successful trip to Hope Island to explore the minus 2.4 foot tide. Lots of low tide marine life. Mild conditions. Overcast to start, turned to sun. Some currents but to be expected.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Calm weather on this day. Just the slightest breeze. Comfortable temperatures in the 70s. 

Successful trip with all participants arriving on time at 9AM at Boston Harbor Marina. We launched about 15 minutes behind schedule and on teh water by 10AM. I had built in a time buffer. We crossed over well north of Cooper Point to south of Hunter Point. We snuck around the point and used the shoreline to get to a point where we ferry glided to Hope Island. We took a short break on Hope Island (leg stretch and restrooms). Enjoyed the very abundant marine life including sea cucumber, rock crab, spider crab, and moon snails. We even witnessed a molting crab. Found some crabs still in soft shell. 

After a short break we paddled out to the reef to explore more of the tidal life. Then back to Hope Island for a nice long lunch break. We enjoyed the sun and watched a small raccoon exit the forest to go forage on the beach. 

After lunch we circumnavigated Hope Island counterclockwise. It was with the current for ¾ of the way around and then fought a little as we rounded the south end. I took the group east from the east shore of Hope toward the red channel bouy. We were able to work against the current  and got the group some time in currents and rips with small waves resulting from passing boats. 

At the buoy we ferried across to Hunter Point, where we took the shoreline a ways and then crossed back to Boston Harbor. We saw some porpoise as we neared Boston Harbor. Some paddlers were tired. Bob Burreson assisted leadership. We had 5 Olympia Basic class students from 2019. Two had completed their experience paddles and for three this was their qualify trip to earn their badge.

10 miles and 6 hours total time.