Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Boston Harbor Vicinity

The longest day, Wednesday paddle from Boston Harbor Marina

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • It’s the water. It’s always different. The marina has limited parking. 

Another great Wednesday paddle. The weather was predicted to touch 70*, wind 5-7 knots, gusting in the low teens. At launch time (6pm)  it was about 5-7 knots out of the WSW.

We chose to paddle to Cooper Point, down the east shoreline out of the wind, and use the wind to return. We ended up going all the way to the northern most channel marker (dolphin). We played in the water and took a bearing back toward Gull Harbor with a quartering sea. The wind had picked up as we crossed. We watched the sailboats work in the wind.

Near Gull Harbor on the west side of the inlet we had a more of a true westerly and the direction of travel along the shore made it a cross and almost head wind. We got back to the launch at 9 pm. 3 hours and 9.6 miles. The sun was set for us but official sunset was predicted at 9:11 pm. It was supposed to be the longest day this year and latest sunset. 

pit was a great evening  everyone paddle strong  even the two who were on their first paddle this year. And one drove from Renton!