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Trip Report    

Sauk River: Sauk River Bridge to Skagit River

A pleasant relaxing float. Scenery on the Skagit looking back at the snow capped Cascades was impressive. Gauge at Sauk was 2700 CFS.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • No portages.  Braiding was easy to navigate.  Sauk water is opaque from the glacier.  Skagit was clear until the two mixed. 

We spent 3.5 hours on the river. Our route was 12.5 river miles. Avg. moving speed 3.9 mph. We had a group of 5.  The Sauk section was class II-.  Once on the Skagit it was class I.  There were a couple fun waves to ride in the first couple miles.  Not a lot of technical challenges.  Some small wave trains. 

The take out at Faber Road is easy to find by the power lines that cross over the river.  There is a large island just above the take out but you can go left of it and reach the take out just below the island.