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Satulick Mountain

Wet Heavy snow, huge work out breaking trail w/ small group

  • Mon, Mar 13, 2017
  • Satulick Mountain
  • Scrambling
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Minimal challenge down snow banks to cross tributaries of Kautz Creek. Good route finding skills contributed to success of trip. Incredible snow year!

Satulick, Sunday March 12, 2017, day light savings time starts
7:20 am   Left TH
9:45 am  Crossed Kautz Creek
2:10 pm  Summit of Satulick
2:30 pm  Started decent
5:30 pm  Crossed Kautz Creek
7:00 pm  Return to car
Warming temps and a major rain event late last week set off natural avalanches, raised avy danger to high. By Sat the avy danger had come down to considerable, left us with Wet heavy snow. Forecast had improved a bit possible rain, snow showers, mild temps in the 40’s 
At the top of Rampart ridge one member of the party decided this trip was more than they were physically capable of. It was decided they would go back to Longmire to enjoy the fireplace at the lodge. Our small party continued with a pessimistic view on how far we would get, breaking trail thru heavy snow with 4-12” of snow shoe penetration.
Our progress was physically demanding, made continuous progress. Route finding went well worked our way across the Kautz and Pyramid creeks, one wet foot during the crossings. Found the bridges on the three creek crossings. Upper bridges had 10’ or more snow on top of them!  As the day progressed a summit started to seem possible. They route in was thru forest the entire way, saw no avy danger. The final push had some open slopes mixed w/ trees. Summited at 2:10 pm.
Rainier came out a few times during the day, mostly cloudy. Occasional sun, patch of blue sky or two. Minimal snow showers.  Route down went well overjoyed w/ our accomplishment. physically spent on our return to the car.

Satulick, Sunday March 12, 2017, day light savings time starts