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Satulick Mountain

Trip took place on 11/16/2014. Strong group - car to car in 7:05 hours. Gate was open so we started from the turnout 1/3 mile past Longmire. Trail was filled with numerous pools of ice at the upper elevations and the off-trail portion only had an inch or so of snow in places. Left trail at 5000', which is just past the last Devil's Dream camp. Took a bearing of 235 (true) and followed a slight rib to the ridge, which we hit just south of a prominent rock outcropping. From there it was easy to follow the ridge south to the summit. Off-trail section took about 40 minutes up and 30 minutes down. Clear day with good views. Retraced our route back and most of us used Microspikes on the way down to minimize slippage on the 1-inch thick snow layer.