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Trip Report    

Sail - Sporting Jenny, Port of Edmonds Marina

A good day of learning and sailing in brisk conditions.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • A Small Craft Advisory was posted by the NWS, though it stayed only brisk all day.  Kept us moving the whole time.

2022 Crew Class training sail. First one for this skipper since 2019, and on a new-to-me boat.  Had four students, Jane, Glory, Ken and Lisa. After the boat orientation, and with a side-eye to the possible Small Craft Advisory weather report, we headed out for some introductory sailing maneuvers.  We hoisted a double-reefed main for comfort and out of caution. Always easier to shake out a reef than to put one in. There was learning by all, including the skipper, on setting up the rigging. The new Boomkicker was a helpful in eliminating the backstay. Each student practiced a couple of tacks, which took us upwind down to Richmond Beach/Point Wells. Then we turned off the wind and ran a few jibes each. Clearly after all that work, it was time for a bit of lunch. We continued on a reach from mid-channel to the Northeast toward Meadowdale. By then it was time to come back around and tack up to Edmonds. At one point the skipper's Tilly hat blew off!  Hat Overboard!  Luckily the Tilly has a foam insert to keep it afloat. We made a quick tack and ran off downwind for a Figure-8 return. But of course nothing goes quite as planned and we over-stood the hat. Time for a quick crash-jibe and we made it back around to swoop the lost hat back on board. Not quite text-book, but as long as you get it back, you did the right thing. We then continued back upwind to Edmonds. Sails were struck, fenders hung, and dock lines set. Docking was going great, except the part where the skipper forgot his alphabet and went past the home dock and half way down the fairway before realizing he had overstood his own dock. A three-point "cut-and-fill" turn was made in the tight fairway, with a minimum use of boathook, and we made it back out to the proper place. Way to impress the students, skipper.  Good job, students!