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Trip Report    

Sail - Esther, Port of Edmonds Marina

Great sail. Raced the Duck Dodge, including two spinnaker sets. Then rafted up to socialize and plunder our fellow racer's boats.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • 100 sailboats in the race, it was a bit crowded.  But no collisions, so good job everyone.

Met at the UW WAC.  Fairly new crew, not all had sailed together before.  We donned our pirate themed clothing for the Duck Dodge Pirate Night and headed to Lake Union.  Being cautious and fairly new at this, we hung back to the third start, though the skipper mis-interpreted the sailing directions and didn't realize we only had to do one lap of the course.  Though we ended up on the leeward side of the course and ate a lot of dirt from the other boats, we eventually got clear and made the first two mark roundings.  At the second we did take some time rigging the spinnaker, but got it up and flying nicely, then had a good takedown at the south mark.  Going back to the skipper's misunderstanding of the course, we passed the committee boat and make for the Freeway mark again. Realizing the other third start boats were pulling sails and getting off the course, we reset the spinnaker and blasted back to the committee boat and finish line.  A quick douse and jibe and we crossed the line with a few of the other third start boats still behind us.  Then it was time to raft up with dozens of our fellow racers and socialize.  Many complements were handed out to our well dressed skipper, who has been shopping the Goodwill for appropriate(?) costume details.  At the 9:45 horn, we got back together on the boat and waited for the raft to break up.  We then returned to the UW WAC to unload and revel in our racing prowess. 

Duck Dodge 2017 Pirate Night with the Mountaineers aboard Esther.