23-Mar-2019 Raft Up.jpg

Trip Report    

Sail - Esther, Port of Edmonds Marina

The kick-off raft-up was a great start to the sailing season.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Hard to ask for better in early Spring.  A softening South wind on the way down, but none on the way back.  Not even the typical contrary Norther.  Still, no rain, some sun.  Gotta love that.

This was the sailing season kick-off raft-up to Port Madison (as usual).  I met my crew, new Mountaineer Paul and experienced crew Hillary, at the Port of Edmonds. After the safety brief we cast off and headed South.  Leave we saw our first wild life, cormorants on piles at the harbor entrance.  Then a bald eagle on the top of a sailboat's mast, looking majestic as always. Hoisting sail and sheeting in on a close haul, we headed South.  For the record, it was an outgoing tide, so we had both wind and current against us.  Still, we made good time in pleasant company. We were spied by a harbor seal off Richmond Beach. Our second bit of wildlife. Near Jefferson Head the wind went pretty light, and we could see other sailboats from Shilshole and points South making for the port entrance.  It was time to burn a dinosaur or two. About half way across big Port Madison the wind piped up a little, so we killed the motor and sailed a bit more until we neared the entrance to little Port Madison. Sailing in might have been an adventure, but with the very low tide, it was more prudent to motor.  Mooring buoys and the ends of private piers were high and dry as we passed by.  Good none of the deeper draft boats kissed the bottom it seems. Pulling up to the raft, we tied to Rhythm and promptly jointed her crew for potluck spoils.  There was so much food, though not really surprising since Rhythm carried a crew of seven.  After chowing down for a little while, we began to socialize across the raft.  I had to check out Brian's new ride, Griffin, and say hello to the other skippers too.  Alas, time flies when you are having fun and around 4 PM the raft broke up as we headed back to our home ports.  As there was little to no wind, not even a contrary Norther, and the tide was now flooding and against us North-bound boats, we again fired the iron jenny and motored.  Though daylight savings time changed to give us longer days, we didn't want to be out till "dark dark". We spied a funny lump of something floating kind of high in the water, so steered a little closer to investigate.  Tuns out it was a seal hauled up on a large chunk of driftwood.  Shortly after we saw porpoises breaking the surface.  All in all, it was nice to see nature out and about.  We made it back to dock right about 6 PM and after squaring the barky away said our good-byes, but now we look forward to a summer of sailing adventures.