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Sahale Peak/Quien Sabe Glacier

8/10/2014. We had a small group of 4 to do a one day climb. The creek crossings on the trail to Boston Basin were no problem to cross. As we entered Boston Basin the creek was higher so we followed the trail up along the creek a ways to find an easier crossing. The slabs on the way to Quien Sabe glacier were mostly clear of snow and dry. We elected to climb the direct route up the right side of the glacier and found the snow cover adequate. There were a few places where there was just a few inches of snow over the ice. However we did not need to place any pickets or ice screws. The large crevasse near the top was easily passed on the right. The ridge leading to the summit scramble was almost entirely clear of snow. From the summit we rappelled down the east side of the south ridge on a single rope to bypass a few steep sections. from there it was a straight forward rock and snow scramble down to the Sahale glacier. Endless switchbacks brought us down to the trailhead. We took 13 hours total and took many stops to enjoy the views, take pictures and filter water. I obtained water three times: from the streams in Boston Basin; just below the Sahale glacier; and from a small stream 1/2 mile below Cascade pass.