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Trip Report    

Rock Climbs - Vantage (Frenchman Coulee)

Three Olympia Junior MAC kids had a great time climbing Sunshine Wall at Vantage.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  •  The route to get to our travel point was quite interesting. A few boulders here and there, dusty trails, as well as cliff side drop-offs. The weather that day was cloudy, with a few passing showers.

* Written by Caylie Kallmann, Olympia Jr. Mac* 

There were plenty of parking spaces. Everyone got out of their cars and started to find gear that would fit, including helmets, harnesses, and shoes. We started on the trail, walking alongside large boulder towers, and eventually taking a break in a spot with a great view of the gully down below. We reached the Sunshine Wall about 15 minutes later, and unpacked at the route "Chossmaster." The wall was a bit exposed. Looking down scared most of us, yet from the top of our route you get to relax and look at the view.

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The next climb was the Chimney Divine. The Chimney was less exposed, and was less high than the Chossmaster For me personally, when you have a fear of heights the less high and exposed, the better. Kourtney and Ben were belaying, while Aiden, Shawn, and me were the ones climbing. Many different techniques were used, by that I mean three. I decided to 'Chimney Up' to help me reach the top multiple times. I highly recommend going there, you don't even have to reach the top. Even two feet up gives you a nice view.

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Thanks to our Jr. Mac leaders  Ben Witten and Kourtney Woracek for leading such a great trip.