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Trip Report    

Rampart Ridge Loop

Easy morning hike/snowshoe along the Rampart Ridge Loop.

  • Sun, Dec 30, 2018
  • Rampart Ridge Loop
  • Snowshoeing
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Roads to Longmire were clear. First snow on the ground was seen about a mile out from the National Park gates. The gate from Longmire to Paradise is closed and locked due to the government shutdown. There was fresh snow on the trail from the storms yesterday (12/29/18), but snowshoes weren't really necessary until I reached the top of the ridge. No obstacles or hazards observed. 

It was an easy drive up to Longmire. The roads were wet, but clear of snow. Parking was relatively easy at 9:45.

20181230 Route.JPG

On trail at 10:05, 45 degrees and a light dusting of snow when I stepped off. Made the mistake of going to the right on the Trail of Shadows, so got to do the scenic route until it met up with the Rampart Ridge Loop. The scenic route is worth checking out if you have time. I passed two groups on the switchbacks and then was walking on fresh snow the entire route until it met with the Wonderland Trail. Lots of animal tracks in the fresh snow, I was able to make out rabbit, squirrel, and 3-4 deer that used the trail for about a quarter mile. The snow was only a few inches deep on the switchbacks, didn't really need my snowshoes until the top of the ridge. Even with the fresh snow the trail was easy to identify. It was cloudy with brief patches of blue the whole time, only caught a brief glimpse of Mt. Rainier's shoulder at one point. 20181230 006.jpg

Started seeing other hikers at the juncture of the Wonderland Trail. The snow had been so compacted by other hikers I was able to go back to boots at this point. Easy hike downhill to get back to Longmire. Finished at 12:45, 55 degrees, light snow.