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Prusik Peak/West Ridge

We left the trailhead 6/7 at 7:30am and camped up at Gnome's Tarn around 5pm. There were two snow traverses up Aasgard Pass. Snow was mushy and one participant did not need his ice ax. We did not need the crampons we carried. We got up at 5am and left camp around 6am. Conditions were cold and clear with a light breeze. We summited at noon or before. We wrapped to the snow and had to walk in our rock shoes back to the start. One person needed a belay on the steep snow which slowed us down considerably. Ice ax would have been good. We had one 60m rope. We got back to camp about 4pm. We packed up and left and arrived at the far side of Colchuck Lake at 9pm. Excellent trip. When called earlier in the week, the ranger station had said Aasgard was 60% covered with snow was about 30% by the time we got there. 5 to 6 ft of snow in upper Enchantments. Beautiful.