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Pinnacle, Plummer, Denman & The Castle

Started the climb at the Pinnacle Peak trail head just after 8 AM. Lower portion of the trail was mostly bare with more snow encountered at higher elevations. Reached the east saddle of Pinnacle approximately 9:30. Scrambled up part way before roping up. One rope leader used 2 ropes for 2 basic students with the other rope leader leading the 3rd basic student. Belayed to just below a rappel station and then climbed up a small more vertical rock just above that. Scrambled the rest of the way to the top. Used a double rope to rappel. One of the ropes got caught in a V-notch which necessitated a rope leader prusiking up to shift the ropes over. High clouds kept thickening throughout the day which was consistent with the forecast of possible lighting. Heard thunder once. Based on the potential for lighting and the longer time to release the rappel rope, decided to not climb Castle. No other climbers on the route and did not see hikers in the area until the afternoon. A number of hikers ascending the trail as we hiked out. Back to the vehicles before 4 PM.