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Paradise Glacier

  • Sun, May 8, 2016
  • Paradise Glacier
  • Skiing/Snowboarding

Continuous snow from parking lot to head of the glacier with the exception of about 5 ft of burned out section below McClure rock. Great climbing conditions. Headed out Edith Creek to Mazama ridge then around McClure, over Sugarloaf and up the west edge of the glacier. Stopped at the head of the glacier after finding attractive rock slabs to nap on. After napping, we decided against heading higher to Camp Muir due to the absolute hordes of humanity heading that way. Skied down the glacier in soft to REALLY soft snow. No crevasse issues. A couple are just beginning to show way skiers left (the 8K crack) and just below the steep rollover at the bottom. Route will probably be in for a while yet. Climbed up to Cowlitz Rocks to get some more vert and had some fun, steep skis down on well done snow. Got plenty to move but not in a concerning manner. Creek still covered and easy to ski across. Traversed out then skied down to Golden Gate and back to the parking lot.