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Mount Wow

  • Wed, Jun 3, 2015
  • Mount Wow
  • Scrambling

Filing this report from a private trip on May 30 just to record the conditions if others plan to go there. Bottom line- no snow anywhere. In the upper meadows, flowers about to burst open everywhere. If you do this trip, please consider keeping your party small and spread out your travel while in the meadows -- do not create deep user trails that lead to erosion.

Our party of 3 followed the route that starts on the Westside Road. No problem following the bootpath up the steep slope and across to Lake Allen. There is some blowdown to scramble over. [Someone put an unusually large amount (meaning like every 75 ft) of orange flagging on the first few hundred feet elvation gain of the route, with no name or date on it. We were tempted to remove it all on the way down since no other party was on the route, but only removed a couple pieces where they were clearly not needed to find the path and were not flagging any downed trees etc. We left the rest.]
Beyond Lake Allen we selected a large dry gully to head up- not the same one in "100 peaks"-- and then traversed over steep meadow to intersect the other (Nisqually) route on the ridge. From there, followed ridge to summit. For the descent we used the gully indicated in the guide, descending mainly on the rocks. It had some limited water flowing but not an issue.
8 1/2 hours at a moderate pace, including long lunch, and including the extra time for the route change.