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Mount Rainier/Disappointment Cleaver

Disappointment Cleaver with the great tsunami of 2017

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The DC route this last year (2017) was a great route as usual- with the exception of the large ice cliff that was beginning to fall as of July and it eventually fell in August of that year. Due to the large ice cliff the route was a lot longer- after getting to the top of the DC you then had to traverse the Emmons Glacier before making your attempt on the summit. As usual once you reached around 13000 ft the wind started to pick up and the temps dropped. Up on the summit itself once you crossed the rim rocks the summit crater itself was very peaceful and tons of gas vents were everywhere. There was lots of rock falls not only on the DC but also crossing the Cowlitz Glacier too- so be careful and always wear your PRO!