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Mount Prophet

Successful climb of Mount Prophet via South Ridge.

  • Sat, Jul 16, 2022 — Sun, Jul 17, 2022
  • Mount Prophet
  • Climbing
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles
This climb happened on 7/16-7/17.
Stats: ~18 miles / ~8000 ft total gain
Prophet is not technically difficult but requires some grueling offtrail straight up (after you are leaving the trail post Thirty Mile creek trail crossing). You gain about 4000ft in about 1.5 miles to reach the beginning of South ridge. After you leave the trail, just stick with the rib heading N / NW until you hit the South ridge. Rock fall danger is problematic on that section, especially in the second half up. I was thankful we were only 3 of us. Lots of insatiable, loose stuff. Some bushwalking and logs, fallen trees navigation but nothing too bad. For us, it was very hot and painful. No running water on the approach after you leave the trail / creek and we were thankful to find snow up higher on the ridge (it started around 5700 ft I believe). We decided to camp in a flat area at 6000 ft, on snow but next to rock island for our kitchen, which was perfect and the right thing to do. If we were pushing up higher at 6900, we couldn't find space for two tents. There is a bivy site (for 2-3 cozy bivys ?) at 6900 ft but there was no way we could set up tents. We started right after 9 from the Big Beaver dock where the boat dropped us and made it at the 6000 ft camp at 4:30 (without the heat we could probably make it slightly faster). Setup camp and  took off for the summit right after 6 and got back to camp right before 11 pm. On our way to the ridge which connects 6690 point with 7361 and 7549, we spotted some running water in the basin below the ridge and we were able to fill up bladders and bottles in the dark, on our way back to camp. 
On Sun, we started our downclimb from the camp at 9 and  made it back to the boat  before 3 pm. 
If someone wants to consider Genesis on the same trip, I would recommend to plan on at least 2.5 days to combine them.
Beautiful, remote country out there.