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Mount Baring/Northwest Ridge

Very well defined bootpath, several orange flags, and even a few fixed ropes (not Mountaineers' quality) made for route finding a breeze to the summit. True to Marguerite, there is no snow on the route. Axes and traction are not needed (the former helpful as a cane for ascent and descent if you are without poles). Without snow this is not a T5; more like a T3 in places, but everyone enjoyed the trip and views from the summit. Summit register is reasonably new and in a large, obvious, and not water-tight container.

  • Red Marker
    47.792351, -121.459308
    47.7923509975 -121.459307671
  • Red Marker
    47.779289, -121.435704
    47.7792887481 -121.435704231

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