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Mount Baker Recreation Area (Easton Glacier)

SIG snow FT at Mt. Baker - Easton area:
Camp at around 5500ft, W of RR grade, 'High camp' per Green trail maps
Early morning ascent via undulating snow field W of RR grade to around 6500ft

Road without any snow, no problems at all. The creeks were extremely tame, very easy boulder walking. The tail is much snow free until the end of switchbacks/forrest at around 4500ft. Higher than that, almost full snow cover. Only short parts of the RR grade snow free. There was no running water past around 4500ft.

The snow was pretty soft on our ascent, not quite mashed potatoes since the day remained rather cool. In the morning the snow was solidly frozen, great for cramponing. From 10am till noon the snow got soft depending on aspect.

From below it looked as if the Easton route is in great shape. Skiers told us they had ascended via Squak glacier and found all but the biggest crevasses filled. That's all second hand information though.

Most beautiful FT!