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Trip Report    

Mount Adams/South Spur

A beautiful trail, but perhaps there are better times than October to attempt it. Ran up late in the afternoon on a Sunday and found a lot of scree and icey snow. Completed it in around 4:45 hours.

  • Sun, Oct 3, 2021
  • Mount Adams/South Spur
  • Trail Running & Scrambling
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail was mostly scree and the snowy bits at the top were very icey even late in the day. Would recommend traction/poles for the top 500 + ft . Honestly just wouldnt recommend doing it in October in general, but def doable. I did it in running shoes just fine. 

I was headed back from a Bachelorette in Hood River and stopped at Mount Adams to sweat out some toxins. Started around 2:00pm so only had a few hours of daylight (sunset around 6:30pm). Met a new friend at the trailhead and  convinced him to send it with me. It took just under three hours to get up and 4:45 total. We both went up with just running shoes. I brought poles but left them in the middle of the scree which was stupid because they would have really helped with the snow/ ice at the top. Also added some time finding them on the way down. We were probably on the summit around 5:30pm and even then I could barely kick step the snow was so hard. I will probably go back not in October and try for the women's FKT. It was stunning on top and we made it back just in time for sunset. I think Alex was wishing he had a jacket when we were on the summit(evidenced in the photo attached) .  My coros watch said it was around 12 miles and at least 6611 ft of elevation gain. I brought my inreach  and some Scandinavian swimmers.  Would do again, wouldn't do again in October. cold girl.jpg