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Montlake Fill (Union Bay Natural Area)

June 30, Saturday Maureen Traxler and I met up with 4 beginning birders: Caroline Sias, Nancy Newman, Catha Cowgill, Winnie Sperry-at at 7:30 AM - 1 cancellation. Cloudy,breezy start burned off to clear, sunny spectacular mid 70s. Sadly we did not see or hear the green herons, but we did see lots of common yellow throat, pair of cinnamon teals, northern flicker, american goldfinch, song and savannah sparrows, mallards, gadwalls, pied billed grebe, red-winged blackbirds, coot, great blue heron, raptors, and the usual:house finch, bald eagle, bc chickadee, canada goose, violet green swallows, tree swallows, bushtits,amercian crow, and Anna's hummingbird. We started with a chat about birding ettiquette, parts of a bird, effective ways to give directions so others can quickly find the birdyou see. We saw a fabulous salmon-red moth. The lupines, salsify, buttercups, and yellow flags were lovely, and all the trees have fully leafed out. We heard a great many more birds than we saw. i think most folks went away more enthusiastic about birds than when they arrived.We wrapped up at 10 am, reluctantly.