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Monte Cristo, Glacier Basin

Rainy day trip to Glacier Basin

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road is in fine shape for walking. Bring bikes if you can, it will be much less tedious.

Trip was officially canceled due to lack of participation but I went unofficially with one other person.  Road into MC is easily walkable.  If you can, bring bikes, it will be much less tedious. The log crossing over the creek was super easy as the water level was low. Note that the Weeden Creek trail has been re-routed and no longer starts from the ancient outhouse. It starts before the first washout and the signage is a bit confusing. It will get you off track if MC is your destination.

Some new interpretive signs have been added at MC since my last visit some time ago. It was fairly easy to find the Glacier Basin trail, just follow the signs. The trail is very brushy in the first section, then gets very steep. The rocky part is harder coming down than going up. The rope is only really needed going down as the rock is slippery there.  This section of the trail is more of a scramble route than a hike, so be careful to warn hikers in advance. Once above the steep part the trail levels out a bit before entering the basin. The peaks were mostly socked in on this cloudy, drizzly day. Lots of waterfalls in the basin, at least 7 or 8.

This trip falls somewhere between a hike and a scramble. Some hikers may be uncomfortable with the scramble-y section due to the steep grade, loose rocks and having to use hands and feet in places. It is possible to knock a rock down on people below here. Extra caution is advised on this section.