Trip Report    

Microwave Hill (Keechelus Ridge)

Winter scramble with focus on identifying animal tracks & sign, in partnership with Conservation Northwest.

  • Snow and ice on road
  • Good quality corn snow; very low avalanche risk

This trip was in partnership with Conservation Northwest, searching for tracks & sign of threatened & endangered species.

We did not find any threatened / endangered species, but found a lot of tracks & sign of wildlife.


Elk antler rub

IMG_3102.JPG                                                      Black Bear climbing marks

IMG_3112.JPG                                                                        Coyote

IMG_3133.JPG                                                                             Ruffed Grouse

IMG_3108.JPG                                                                           Pileated Woodpecker feeding sign

IMG_3113.JPG                                                                        Douglas squirrel feeding sign

IMG_3114.JPG                                                                           Snowshoe Hare

IMG_3141.JPG                                                    Ermine tunnel