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MAC Alpine Climb - Unicorn Peak/South Side

Unicorn Peak - first alpine climb for Tacoma MAC teen group.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Route is in great condition right now. Trail is starting to melt out, about half snow covered still. There is a creek crossing within the first mile, which wasn't too bad in the morning, but a little dicey during the full meltout of a hot afternoon. It is quite deep and it is a big jump across.

    There is about a 15 foot rock scramble section to gain the ridge from the top of the snow gully. For now, you can step across the moat to the rock, and it isn't too bad. Good holds, easy scramble, but it kind of goes up through a little creek, so would be unpleasant on a cold day. Someone has set an anchor in a tree at the top, so you can put in a handline or rappel down if you want.

    Snow was nice and soft, we were able to glissade most of the way down to the lake. We carried crampons but did not use them.

It was a very busy day on Unicorn! Well over 30 people summitted this day. Warm temps and clear blue skies made for a very pleasant day. The Tacoma MAC kids got their first taste of alpine climbing and did great. They all enjoyed the views, but the glissade on the way down was probably the favorite part of the day.