Trip Report    

Licorice Fern Trail & Far Country Lookout & Falls

Sunny Springtime Splendor on a lesser used access trail to Cougar Mountain

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Despite recent rainfall, no mud or puddles; although the moisture has brightened the moss-laden trunks and branches. Recent extensive bank stabilization work and water diversion trail maintenance work appears to be in progress.

Cougar Mountain's Springtime splendor is progressing. Now, the bleeding hearts, skunk cabbage and trillium are in their prime along with armies of unseen chorusing frogs. But, the osoberry flowers are dried and the bright greens of its leaves are subdued. Far Country Falls is lush with ferns and highlighted with sunshine 🌞. Then to top it off, bright orchard tree blossoms near the car park. A truly lovely hike today.Flower Collage.jpg