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Lichtenberg Mountain

Lichtenberg 12/31/2015 Great way to end the year. Lots of stable snow. we left Smithbrook Rd shy of the 'hairpin' Found a snow bridge across the creek and headed up the ridgeline due South to Lichtenvasser Lake. From the lake we took the ridge that headed SW up to the peak. Crossed under the peak on the south side to attain ridge just under the summit. Stable snow required for this traverse. Spent a very few minutes admiring the view on the very cold and windy summit than retreated the way we came. Running the ridge up from Lichtenvasser Lake is my new favorite route up this peak as the ridge run is beautiful, easygoing, and the views on either side are beautiful. We saw ski tracks running up from the gully heading SW from Lichtenvasser Lake to the ridge further south on the SE ridge and skiers enjoying this alternate route that we did not take.