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Lena Lake

Nice and easy overnight backpack 1 night.

  • Sun, Sep 10, 2023
  • Lena Lake
  • Backpacking
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • This trail is straightforward and in good shape.  There are many switchbacks, but my group appreciated the grade.

Nice overnight beginner one night at Lena lake.  The trail is in good condition.  There are many nice camping sites along the Lake.  Our group left on a Saturday, and I was nervous about finding a spot, but there was no problem on a Saturday in September with sunny weather.  There was one place to filter water on the 3 mile hike up, but there was no need as we just started our hike.  We filtered water from the Lena Creek inlet to Lena Lake.  The lake level was down and muddy, would not want to ask the ducks to move over and drink from the still water.  The back country toilet was not in service.  Unfortunately, there was lots of TP and a little trash around the campground.  All in all this is a good place to gain confidence in hiking or backpacking.  I think Lena Lake is nicer earlier in the season when it is full if this is your final destination.  If you plan to go on to Upper Lena or Brothers, going earlier is either impossible or treacherous.  I think I saw 3 mosquitos, so end of season bug reprieve was another plus.