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Le Petit Cheval/Spontaneity Arête

This trip took place on Sun, Sep 28, 2014.

Left the parking lot at 6am. We had never climbed this route before so weren't sure of the start of the approach but turns out we were parked in front of it. The approach went without incident but we got to a point where the trail seemed to vanish and were unsure where to go. Then I saw a seemingly camouflaged rope hand line right next to us! We scrambled up the line and then up another line. Soon we were at the base of the climb. The first two pitches went without incident. Fun pretty easy climbing. The scramble to the third pitch was straightforward. The front rope in our team was still at what they thought was the start of the third pitch but the start was more a 5.8 than what we were looking for. Scouting around the corner we found the true start of the 3rd pitch. On the descent we got the rope tangled in a tree and it took a long time to recover it and re-rig the rappel. The descent down the gully was loose and nerve wracking but we kept the group close together. Pretty good day with great weather and fun climbing. Lots of people. Probably will only do this as a weekday climb in the future.