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Lanham Lake & Sam Hill Peak

We scrambled Sam Hill (Jim Hill’s little brother) on 5/8/2016, gaining 3,100’ in 7 ½ hours of travel. Long distance views left something to be desired but snow conditions were excellent. We were in some perplexity how to exit the basin at the head of Lanham Creek, as the key saddle is not visibly obvious and hiding between uninformative contour lines on the USGS map. Here’s NAD27 GPS coordinates for our route out of the basin:

Zone Easting Northing Elevation
Sam Hill saddle 10T 648139 5289091 4985
Sam Hill gully to summit ridge 10T 648265 5288939 5287

  • Red Marker
    47.772402, -121.011529
    47.7724021727 -121.011528969
  • Red Marker
    47.751177, -121.018567
    47.7511767993 -121.018567085

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