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Lanham Lake & Sam Hill Peak

The most dangerous part of the trip was the parking lot - a sheet of ice. Traction devices required at the car. The trailhead is offset a bit to the left (next to the creek) so snowshoers will trample less of the groomed ski run. The trail was like a groomed road. Although the snowpack is low, the trail was great with occasional icy spots, but nothing that MSR snowshoe cleats can't handle. Because of the very obvious trail, navigation was not a factor. WX started out at about 35F and no wind or precipitation. By the time we got to the lake, it had started drizzling, and this continued and increased a bit on the way out. We saw two other groups of snowshoers. All in all, a very pleasant and low-key trip and a good introduction to snowshoeing for beginners.