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Lake Union

  • Sun, Sep 14, 2014
  • Lake Union
  • Sea Kayaking

Trip Report

Trip: Lake Union – NWOC to Madison Beach Skill level: Advertised: _SK II Actual: _SK II

Leader: Rene Buendia Co-leader(s) Todd Scheuer

Date(s) of trip: 9/7/2014 Number on trip including leader(s) 8

Type of: Day

Purpose of trip: Tour – 2nd paddle for graduation.

Distance: 8 NM Total time: 6 hours

Water: Lake

Weather: Sunny; temps high 70’s to low 80’s. Wind: Less than 10 knots

Waves: 1 ft from pleasure boat wakes. Currents: None

If bulletin notice was incorrect or inadequate, suggest changes: wish it is possible to differentiate this trip from other Lake Union paddles when it comes to listing the trip.

Briefly describe trip, especially points of interest. Give guidebook reference (if any) for trip and indicate variations made, problems with route, or errors in guidebook. If not in guidebook, describe route. Met at NWOC at 0900, launched around 1015. Paddled toward Gas Works park, to Portage bay, thru the Montlake cut, toward Lake Washington, then south toward Madison Beach. Had lunch at Madison Beach, then practiced rescues before heading back to NWOC, retracing our route. Normally I like to paddle thru the Arboretum but didn’t have enough time. Quite a bit more boat traffic in the afternoon which resulted in interesting wave conditions in Montlake Cut. The students handled it well. Arrived at NWOC at 1600.

Briefly describe any people related problems (such as no-shows, walk-ins, late cancellations, injuries, transportation, unpreparedness, unskilled and/or risky behavior) and action taken by leader(s). None

Would you recommend that this trip be repeated? Yes
If "Yes", any changes (season, tide, route, length, skill level)? No…just have to make sure the Huskies aren’t playing a home game..

If "NO", why not?

Names and phone numbers of prospective leaders:

Was there anything on or about this trip that suggests changes for the Sea Kayaking course? NO

Other comments: Have to brief paddlers/students on how to handle Montlake cut (keep paddling, and stay relaxed) and on how to do crossings. The crossings are short but the boat traffic can be heavy.