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Kendall Peak

  • Sun, Apr 19, 2015
  • Kendall Peak
  • Scrambling

4.18.15 Successful trip starting at 8 AM, ending at 4:30 PM (total 8.5 hours) Took longer than usual as snow was thigh deep much of the way. Route went through Commonwealth Basin and then another 'shortcut' (from the PCT)in an easterly direction at the last large stream. Found stump at 5300 ft. in the snow, no one had been on trail since large snow on last weekend, turned uphill for summit push at stump. Attained the ridge in a SE direction. Coming down was slow due to sinking thigh deep in plunge steps, even making your own trail. We did require and need micro-spikes. All in group had much patience, 4 students completed for Snow Credit, others were very helpful in demonstrating and teaching. Weather was warm and sunny, excellent views.


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