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Trip Report    

Iron Mountain & Conglomerate Point

Trip Date: March 19, 2016

Miles: 10.7
Elevation gain: ~4500
Blowdowns on road: Lots
Roundtrip time: 10 1/2 hours

With a starting elevation of just over 800', we had a long way to go on the logging road before needing our snowshoes. There is room for a car or two up the trout creek road about 100 yards, or park at the bottom on the side of the Index-Galena road. The road had a lot of blowdowns to deal with, many of them looking rather recent. We put on snowshoes about 3 miles later at ~3200' (road ends at about 4 miles at ~4200'). From the end of the road, we ascended soft snow to the saddle, then headed for the summit of Iron (we did not have enough time to do Conglomerate). Gendarmes were avoided by dropping down to the left. Great views of the surrounding peaks (Gunn, Merchant, Baring) at the summit.