Trip Report    

Intermediate Snowshoe - Hex Mountain (winter)

Gorgeous, cold day on Hex!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We were the first to arrive at the parking area along Salmon La Sac road a few minutes before 8:30 and quickly got going due to the extreme cold.  Donned snowshoes several yards into FS 116.  It was a well defined track for the most part, but GPS helped with avoiding wandering off in the wrong direction here and there.  No wind at the start, not anything close to the forecast.  Fairly strong wind along the exposed part of the ridge making it definitely feel like sub-zero temps.  But the wind dissipated when we entered the treed area.  The summit was also mostly wind-free, what a nice surprise!  Although it was still too cold to spend much time up there, and our breaks were brief on the way up.  Coming down was a bit warmer and calmer.  My hardy group of snow-shoers enjoyed much needed chow and refreshments at The Brick tavern in Roslyn before heading home.  This was a very nice, fun adventure!

Salmon La Sac road is clear with a few icy patches.  Park along the road where it's plowed out for single vehicles, there are signs.  You may be able to park at the start of FS 116.  Use caution on party separations, the snow is quite deep and there are tree wells.  Snowshoe travel time rt was 6.5 hours including breaks.