Trip Report    

Intermediate Snowshoe - Guye Peak (winter)

Snow! Not quite enough, though.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Tried this right after the first snow storm of the year. Not quite enough snow to cover the boulders and slide alder, which made for slow going.

Note to self: start on the correct side of the creek, otherwise you might end up bushwhacking for an hour looking for a crossing and will eventually end up back at the starting place. We called this "the snowshoe warmup / wandering through Commonwealth Basin". 


By the time we started what we had hoped would be the winter scramble part of the trip, it was getting clear that we might not make the Guye Peak summit. Nevertheless, we persisted and managed to achieve the #1 trip goal: play in the snow with a bunch of awesome women. We had a great time breaking trail, bushwhacking through slide alder (so much fun in snowshoes!!) and finding holes in the snow. 


One of many great things about going on an all-women's trip is that you can easily get advice on topics ranging from: a better way to attach your snowshoes; fleece underwear; slow cooker recipes; how to use those weird cuffs on the OR sunshirts; and relationship advice. We'll be back to get Guye Peak some other time.


Many thanks to Rena C. for leading, and to the team for their awesome attitude and sharing photos.