Trip Report    

Intermediate Rescue Methods Field Trip - Green Mountain: Gold Creek Trail

Excellent location for this field trip. The bolted anchor setup is perfect to execute the counter-balance rappel to intermediate bolted anchor and tandem rappel from that anchor to the ground.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • This is less than an hour from trailhead to climbing area. Top rope is best as there is not much pro to be placed. But, perfect for practicing rescue methods as you can have up to 3 simultaneous teams working the skills.

We used two sandbags as a stand-in for the second climbers (being rescued) to provide physical distancing during Covid-19 conditions. All participants wore masks a big majority of the time. The  lead climber executing the rescue did not as exertion was a factor and distances were greater than 6 feet to others during this time.  We did put up a tarp as it was lightly raining in the morning. We practiced shifting to the counter-balance rappel and then tandem rappel on flat ground under this tarp as the students had not been together in 3 months and the preparatory lecture was on Zoom - less optimal preparation. We then executed the rescue on School Rock with the sandbags and a backup belay provided to ensure safety for those learning the techniques. Overall worked well and done mostly with physical distance, but masks and hand sanitizer definitely required, especially when under the tarp.

Four students executed once on flat ground and once at high angle each and were back at the cars at 1730. Could have been even quicker but we adjusted plans to allow another group to climb from one set of bolts.