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Trip Report    

Mount Hood: Leuthold Coulior

Freezing cold climb; sweltering descent.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Route is in thick - lots of snow made for a mellow climb; with steps the whole way up.  The most technical part of the climb may have been the ridge above Leuthold's, which was icy and required solid crampon technique at times.

A fun alternative to the more popular trade routes on Hood.  While we saw four other climbers ahead, we had plenty of space to ourselves while climbing, which was enjoyable. 

Out an abundance of caution we roped up to cross the Palmer, and to be prepared for a running belay through the Coul/Hourglass.  In these conditions neither was remotely necessary; nor were technical tools necessary. 

Throngs of people up top on a nice day.  We chose Pearly Gates for our descent once we spotted an opening, and to avoid the line waiting to descend down the Old Chute.  This was, in fact, the only time having a pick was useful.

On the way down we assisted the rescue of a climber who had fallen into a fumarole hole. 

"Welcome to climbing on Mount Hood," one of ours proclaimed.

We were 10:45 car to car; this time including a generous lunch break up top, and the above described rescue-aid.