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Hex Mountain

There's a dusting of snow right past the parking lot, but it's pretty much a hike to on bare trail with a few icy spots. Luckily no one needed credit - so we didn't have to walk in circles on the little snow we did find.

We left snow shoes at the cars. The image of Johnny frowning at us materialized in the clouds - so we carried our ice axes to the summit as bling; this was an intermediate snowshoe after all!

As planned, the fog we walked out into was easy to climb above - making for pretty views and lots of smiles.

Things I learnt today included -
The best watermelons in the world can be found in Jordan.
Losing toes on Rainier after a few days in an ice cave is no reason to stop climbing.
Leaders should not be trusted with navigation. Neither should participants.

Ran into a skiier who had carried his skis all the way to the summit in search of a good run, and a few folks who carried snowshoes up. Love our optimism :)